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Boulder Creek Stone Products

Boulder Creek Stone is a premium stone and thin brick veneer manufacturer. The good stuff. The kind of premium, manufactured stone and thin brick that top designers, architects and discerning homeowners choose. Our wide variety of textures and palettes create a rugged, authentic stone look that is as unique and subtle as anything Mother Nature intended.

Born and raised in the USA, we’ve been providing outstanding customer service from the frigid lakes of Minnesota to the warm beaches of Florida and California since 1977. Over time many things have changed, but one has remained the same:

We produce nothing but the finest quality and best selection of products in the industry, backed with the kind of support you’d expect from a friend.

Boulder Creek Stone Products

Old Globe Wood Company

Do you have a love for all things old, worn, distressed and historical?

Repurposing old wood is not only resourcefully beautiful, it's good for the environment! Old Globe Wood Company was created to dismantle antique grain elevators and save the old-growth wood that might otherwise end up in a landfill world wide. Of course, everything that Old Globe sells is environmentally friendly. Old Globe products qualify for LEED points and other green certification.

Today, products from the Old Globe Wood Company grace luxury homes, restaurants, hotels, and convention centers. When completed in 1887, the Globe Grain Elevators were the largest wood structure grain bins in the world. Grain from throughout the Midwest was brought to the Globe Elevators by rail, then loaded onto cargo ships for transport through the Great Lakes, the St. Lawrence Seaway, and beyond.

Old Globe Wood Company