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What areas do you service?

Manion's operates out of the Midwest, and delivers throughout Wisconsin, Minnesota, Michigan, Iowa, the Dakotas, and southern Canada! With our dedicated fleet, we can seamlessly fulfill and deliver your order within days.

How is Manion's different than other building material suppliers?

Manion's Wholesale has built a company on the foundation of a friendly and customer-oriented staff that want to help and, more importantly, are qualified to help you in the selection and purchase of the materials you require for stock at your location or for a specific project. With each and every order, we strive for perfection and we believe this is evidenced by the satisfaction that our customers have enjoyed since 1981.

After I place my order how long will it take to be filled?

With our dedicated fleet, we can service all your needs as quickly as next day (based on stock availability).

Do you sell to contractors or homeowners?

We are wholesale only. If you are a homeowner and have a product you are looking for, please visit your local lumberyard or hardware/supply store supplied by Manion's.

What type of payment do you accept?

We accept cash, checks, credit-approved purchase order numbers. At this time, we do not accept credit cards for invoice payments.

Does Manion's Wholesale build? Or refer customers to contractors?

We are solely a wholesale company. We suggest that you consult the BBB website or other reputable sources for professionals in your area.

Do you have a showroom?

We don’t have a show room, but we can provide samples upon request.

How do I get access to your online store? 

Please use this form to request access to our online store and Account Information portal.  There are two levels of online account access available (Access Level A for managers/owners and Access Level B for employees). If you need to, you can also email to get set up or send any questions you may have. 

How do I use the online store once I'm set up with an account?

Manion's provides online training sessions to review the online store and account information portal with a time for questions and answers. You can sign up for a training session here.