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sampleManion's Wholesale Building Supplies of Superior, Wisconsin serves Wisconsin, the northern part of Minnesota, the upper part of Michigan and parts of Canada.

Manion's Wholesale Building Supplies of St. Cloud, Minnesota serves western and southern Minnesota, and parts of eastern North Dakota and eastern South Dakota and the northwest corner of Iowa.

Manion's Also Own And Operate

Manions Lumber & Truss and Manion's Truss & Components.


Manion Lumber & Truss

sample Manion Lumber & Truss is a wholesale manufacturer of wood and floor trusses supplying retail lumber yards.  The company started in 1993 and delivers within a 100 mile radius of Pillager, Minnesota, located in central Minnesota.

Along with trusses, Manions Lumber & Truss also supplies i-joists, rimboard, laminated veneer lumber, and truss hangers.

Manion Truss & Components

sample Our plant in Superior, Wisconsin is close to all major highways in either Wisconsin or Minnesota.  Our 4 roll off trailers can carry from 12' to 100' trusses to the customer.

Our sales staff covers NE Minnesota and NW Wisconsin.

Leading design software is used to engineer floor and roof truss systems.

The computerized robotic saw can make up to five cuts in one pass on a single board.  Floors to 40' and roofs to 100' trusses are built on our 3 product tables.